Yasmin Kianfar is a 24 year-old British designer who has graduated from Central St. Martins to critical acclaim. This has prompted the launch of her eponymous line, which for her debut collection features predominantly full-length pieces in a subtle palette of greys, nudes and camels, accentuated with black.

Inspiration for this capsule collection came from looking at 1920’s erotica and manifests itself in fabrics such as sheer chiffon and leather buckled garments. It is a series of contemporary looks, combining silk and leather with powernet to create a fresh and modern take on evening-wear. Intricate detailing such as fine hand pleating and laser cutting techniques are used to embellish her clean-lined silhouettes.

The brand Yasmin Kianfar is essentially innovative at its core and strives to produce beautiful and strong pieces that are ultimately sensual and feminine. The aim is to resolve fashion’s fickle relationship with its wearer by producing elegant distinctive garments that have an iconic and timeless appeal. Once you have bought her pieces they will stay in your wardrobe and be worn time and time again. This attitude to longevity is mirrored in her decision to stay true to her British roots and develop strong ties with luxury UK-based manufacturers.

Signature pieces have emerged as the Laser-cut dresses, available in sheer powernets as well as silk jersey. Full length dresses, as well as separates and undergarments make up the collection are now available to buy online as well as in luxury retailers worldwide.