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Rustic & Modern Handmade Wall Paintings Ideas

Handmade paintings have their roots in the rural crafts, the material-goods necessities, and ancient civilizations. Many such crafts have been practiced for centuries, while others are modern inventions or popularizations of art which were originally practiced in a limited geographic area. But as you’ve fed your ears with the saying ‘Old is Gold’ nothing can beat the rustic charm of handmade wall paintings hanging on the walls of your home. It gives the feeling of warmth, compassion, antiqueness, and magic.

Blessing Your Interiors With Art Pieces

When initially setting up your home, one of the major aspects that should be a pillar to all your color resolutions is narrowing down on the mood you are trying to capture. This will help you gain much-needed lucidity about the interiors of your house and have a creative, aesthetic vision for them. After all, transforming a house into a home is painstaking work that entails meticulous care.

In this regard, handmade paintings of unique kinds can come to your rescue in bringing a new dimension to any space. The art pieces we have carefully curated from across the globe. Whether you prefer glass paintings that toss their beautiful shades on the room in the sun, handmade paintings of nature or oil paintings that capture an emotion you want to surround yourself with, the choice is fully yours.

Set Of Handmade Paintings On Canvas Are Sure To Enthral You

A wide range of handmade wall painting on canvas that will captivate you and your visitants. Here are just a few of our popular categories of exquisite, handmade paintings your home will love to bear on.

Modern Art Paintings

The appeal of contemporary art is its unique standpoint. They are potent conversation starters that will enliven a room instantly. You can pick from oriental scenes of dancing women, musical instruments, the mysterious dance of dragons, face profiles and you name it.

 Abstract Paintings

imagination is a beautiful thing that can read your aspirations, emotions, and memories into works of art. Paintings reflect the intangible aspect of your thoughts in an eloquent manner, which keeps the viewers coming back for more.

Landscape Paintings

Invite the natural beauty of places into your home with these enchanting paintings. There are vibrant sunsets by the sea, eventful fishing boats at the shore, tropical palm trees, a town by the river, quaint villages by the ocean, golden fields, and the likes to choose from.

Animal Paintings

Admire the grandeur of wild beasts in your own living room. Have an optical illusion of zebras on a pastel-hued wall, and you a mesmerizing focal point for your room. Celebrate your love for man’s best friend with a painting of an endearing canine in full color or monochrome. The sky is the limit when it comes to decor options for your space.