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How to Become a Rapper? – A Short Guide to Your Rapping Career

Are you into Hip-hop? Do you want to be a rapper? Have you decided on your rap name? If you want to create rap songs and start your career as a rapper, then you have come to the right place. Rap music is EVERYWHERE! And we all love it. If you want to be a rapper, there are certain skills that you will need.

Apart from skills, you will need a good rap name. Do not adopt a rapper name without doing thorough research. If you don’t want to be dissed about having a terrible rap name, visit rap name generator website. Here, we are going to discuss what you need to work on to build your career as a rapper.

Beats & Bars

To make your rap song, you will first have to make music. As a beginner, it can be difficult to make music without having the right tools for that. But that isn’t much of an issue these days as you can just get a ready-made beat on the internet. Still, you need to learn the concept of beats and bars. Learn how to count beats. Always remember! Trust the Beats!


Before you start writing lyrics, expand your vocabulary. Rappers need to use rhyming words and should learn how to use wordplay. First, read and listen to Old school rap songs. Notice how they use words to express their concept. Use ‘Word Banks’. Once you have decided what kind of theme you want to work on, look for words related to that theme by searching for word banks of that theme.

Rhyme Schemes

One of the most important aspects of a rap song, rhyme schemes bring uniqueness to it. Beginners usually use simple rhyme schemes and there is a reason for that. As a beginner, you are still in the process of learning so if you choose a difficult rhyme scheme or use multiple rhyme schemes, it may become difficult when you have to deliver your rap.

Start with simple rhyme schemes and then expand it towards more difficult ones. For you to correctly use rhyme schemes, you will also need to work on your lyrics. Lyrics, rhyme schemes, and beats go hand in hand.


Branding when it comes to rapping is very important. Branding starts from the type of rap you want to deliver. Are you going to rap about street life, difficult upbringing, anxiety, depression, politics, current world affairs, mental health, club life, sex, etc.? Select what kind of rap you will represent. It does not have to be only one topic. It could be multiple topics.

The next thing that comes after choosing your rap style is your rap name. Do not choose your rap name first. Beginners usually waste months on just choosing a rap name instead of working on their skillset first. When it is time to choose your rap name, think! Take your time. Don’t rush into it. For a rapper, a good rap name will become their identity.

If you are unable to think of a good one, do not worry. Visit the rap name generator website and pick your rap name.