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Fragrances and Seasons – Smell Perfect for Every Season

Seasons have a great effect on how a fragrance will smell on you. A perfume you use in summers won’t smell the same during winters. Most of you have a signature perfume that you usually wear all year round. Having a signature perfume is surely essential but your fragrance can smell different depending on multiple factors such as the weather, your skin type, and the environment.

Think of perfume as your clothes. Your clothes change depending on the season and so should your perfume. Each season symbolizes something different and most of us have certain memories and moods associated with each season. Read further to know how to choose the right perfume for each season.


Spring Fragrances

Spring is the most loved season for the majority of people while for the rest it is the season of allergies. Spring fragrances are associated with nature and freshness as spring comes after harsh winters and is a welcoming change. Spring brings along flowers and more greens and hence the fragrances are more nature-based.

Go for a light but fresh-smelling perfume such as citrus, floral, aromatic, or woody family scents. But if you plan to go for a walk in the park, avoid wearing floral perfumes as it will attract mosquitoes and bugs and you do not want that. If the floral tone is not really your type of scent, browse through Jimmy Choo Perfume for sale online and check out their exotic mixes. Remember not to use heavy and intense smelling perfumes during spring.

Summer Fragrances

A season when wearing the perfume becomes the most basic necessity, people often make the mistake of wearing strong smelling perfumes. Usually, such perfumes have a higher concentration of essential oils which evaporate quickly during the summer heat. Instead, light perfumes are better as they will serve the purpose of lasting for a longer time.

Apply perfume with a single scent like lavender or vanilla especially if you know you are going to sweat. Perfumes with multiple notes have different evaporation times and when they mix with sweat, it becomes an awful mixture. Fragrances with fruity or marine scent also work well during summers.

Autumn Fragrances

Autumn is often associated with mood shifts as well as warmth and earthy scents. This is the season to wear warm and soothing scents. If you like earthy smells then you will love perfumes designed for autumn. This season represents deep and saturated colors in the shades of orange, red, and brown. Unlike the fresh spring fragrances, autumn fragrances are warmer and soothing to smell.

In fact, certain autumn fragrances often have a seductive or mysterious rich tone to them. Woody and spicy notes are well suited for this season along with musky scents. They have a long-lasting soothing fragrance and almost an entrancing tone to them. Using perfumes with multiple notes with light top notes and deep woody endnotes.

Winter Fragrances

Perfumes last the longest during winters at times lasting for multiple days. Always spray a minimum amount of perfume during winter otherwise you will end up overwhelming your nose as well as those around you. Unlike summers, winters are the perfect season to wear those heavy perfumes made with essential oils.

Vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee-scented perfumes are the best for winter as they will give you a sense of warmth. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated during winters before applying your favorite perfume. Perfumes with warm spice notes of cinnamon and cardamom as well as woody and fougere notes of sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, patchouli are suitable for winters.