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Family Weekend – Make it Fun for You & Your Family!

Weekends are the two days of the week we all look forward to. It is our time to distress as people often say. Is it though? Half of our weekend just passes away in a blur doing chores and grocery shopping. And the latter half passes away in front of the T.V. But what do you do as a family during weekends?

We always make New Year’s resolutions to do something together as a family during weekends. But when have we ever followed up on our new year’s resolution?

Make Treasurable Memories!

I remember a few years back, I made an impromptu decision and just randomly bought matching family pajamas as a gift for myself and my parents. There were no birthdays or any festival for me to do so but I did and I don’t regret it. And surprisingly, instead of asking me to get a return for my random purchase (I used my dad’s card!), they just accepted it. Lucky me!

Since then, we decided to do matching pajama weekends once every month. And I have some of my warmest and loved memories from those weekends.

Weekend Activities

So here I am writing this hoping to share some of the fun activities we used to do that I hope you can also do with your family.

So the first rule of a pajama weekend is to wear matching family pajamas. Don’t frown! It may seem cheesy to you right now, but few years down the line when you live away from your family, you will treasure the memories of those weekends.


No one is too old for Legos. We get themes Legos these days. So either make Legos together or set a timer and compete with each other. Set out punishments before you start. If you want to make it more fun, make a punishment wheel. Whoever loses, will have to spin the wheel and see which punishment he/she gets. We used to put chores on punishment. So if you don’t want to do laundry, make sure to win!

Pot, Plants & Paint!

This one is my personal favorite. Get your favorite plants and either plant them in your garden or plant them in pots. The fun part is painting the pots. Get all the paintbrushes and colors you have, and see who is the most creative.

Pillows, Bedsheets & a Tent

Make a tent using pillows, bedsheets, and blankets. Decorate it with fairy lights and tell each other ghost stories post-dinner. You don’t necessarily have to share ghost stories but they are always the most entertaining.

Dumb Charades

I cannot NOT list dumb charades. They are like a family tradition for me. Whether it is a weekend at home or we are traveling, this game is a must. Not only is it super fun but it also quite educating. But mostly, it is just hilarious to see your family members desperately move their hands to communicate.


Of course, card games are on the list. But if you get bored of card games, try making a tower out of the cards. Whosoever makes the tallest, wins! The winner gets to choose what to have for dinner.