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4 Critical Mishaps To Avoid While Buying ATS For Your Agency

The candidate tracking system is the most essential piece of software you can purchase, as a recruiting and staffing company. As a recruiter, you’ll be spending hours in your ATS every day. On average, a recruiter spends at least three hours a day in their monitoring systems for going through applicants. Now, that’s just under half of your working day. However, here are some mistakes that most companies tend to make while buying ATS.

Creating List Of Features

Yes, it’s important to have features. Yet not all features give equal functionality. You need to know what features you like the most and how much do you care about the usability of those features. You’ll end up with bloatware if you make a list of all the apps out there and buy what ticks the most boxes of yours.

Self-awareness is the path to nirvana. You need to be very sure of your workflow and buy applicant tracking software one which matches your assets.

Judging A Product From Its Price

It is very easy to proxy the price of a commodity. Price is not the perfect indicator of the quality of the goods. The pricing front primarily consists of two camps. Although one camp selects the lowest-priced product, the other camp thinks a high-priced app is inherently better. All these systems of thought rife with mistakes.

Proxying Brand For Quality

When it comes to SaaS applications, however, this is usually true. However, the internet does transform this presumption on its head

The best brands are old clunky and no user-friendly apps. The sophistication of SaaS architectures stems from the fact that the internet makes seeking their particular solutions easier for people with similar pains. This helps entrepreneurs to create resources that are designed to solve and do better than anybody else in the world.

Choose A Software Without A Free Trial

The market is full of vendors that don’t offer a free trial and give you only annual or multi-year contracts. It’s like buying a car, without driving it. Still, the evidence is in the pudding. Work for a couple of days with a program to get the real sense of its speed, information architecture, and user experience overall. Acting with it truly is the only way to judge a program for its workflow!

Okay, so buying a program to handle your workflow is more important than you think. You want something that helps you get things done super-fast. If you are looking to buy your agency’s recruitment software, Questy is a great place to start.